Aroma Electronic Dumb Drum Pad Apd-10

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  • Brand AROMA
    Item no APD-10
    Rechargeable batteries 1300mAH inside
    Size 240mm*270mm*27mm
    Cruising duration 16H
    Charging time 2H
    Weight 731g
    Speed range 40 beats/min-208 beats/min
    Power 0.5W
    Beats 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9


      High sensitivity pad
      LCD Display
      Metronome mode with tempo, beat, rhythm & time settings
      Tempo range: 40bpm - 208bpm
      Beat: 0 to 9
      0.5W speaker power
      Counting mode
      Record memory function
      Average tempo & total usage time displayed under speed detection mode
      Volume adjustable
      Automatic power off function
      English & Chinese vocal beat sound
      Built-in 1300mA lithium battery
      Rechargeable via USB-C with recharge time of 2hrs
      Battery life 16hrs
      Headphone output

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